Community Use of School Facilities

Important News

The Community Use of Schools program is transitioning to new online booking software for the next school year. Because of this the usual dates for Previous Users (Grandfathered Users) to apply for the 2013-2014 school year have changed. The Previous User application period for the 2013-2014 school year will run from July 15 to August 31. Previous User bookings must be for the same days and times as the previous year to be accepted.

All new applications for available space for the 2013-2014 school year will be accepted as of September 17, 2013. 

A letter will be sent out soon to all Community Users explaining the transition in more detail. Please check back to this web page for updated information.

CUS Online Booking – eBASE System

The Community Use of Schools online booking website will be made available on July 15th.

Please utilize the booking tutorials and videos; it will make the booking process much easier.

The eBASE booking software is used by over 35 school boards in Ontario for Community Use of Schools bookings. It has proven to be an effective and simple system for both the community user and the school boards.

Because this is new software, the first time you log in you will need to input your contact information. It is important that you input a valid email address as a great deal of the permitting process is email based, including receipt of permits and most communication.

If you have trouble logging in please contact us at

For the 2013-2014 season all Previous User applications must be submitted online between July 15, and August 31, 2013. Any Previous User application received after August 31, 2013 will not be processed.

Community Use of Schools Handbook

The CUS Handbook has been prepared to answer your questions about the Community Use of Schools Program at the Upper Grand District School Board. It is expected that every applicant will read the CUS Handbook as a condition of use.

Please refer to the handbook for any questions. Should you have a question not answered by the CUS Handbook please contact the CUS Clerk at 519-822-4420 xt 833. We would appreciate hearing any ideas for further information needed in the CUS Handbook.

Community Use Handbook (pdf)

Community Use Online Booking Website

Viewing Available Facilities

You will have the ability to view available facilities online.

Schools are not available to be booked for CUS during regular school hours. Due to the nature of our booking software it may appear that school facilities are available for CUS during regular school hours. This is not the case, CUS is not available until after 6PM in elementary schools and 7PM in secondary schools. If you wish to book a time for a CUS event during regular school hours please contact the CUS Clerk at 519-822-4420 ext.833.

Once logged in, to view the availability of a school click on the calendar icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once clicked a quick tutorial on the calendar function appears.

The calendar will show the most up to date availability, but due to time delays between the application being submitted and approval the calendar will not always be 100% accurate. Please do not assume that your booking is finalized until you have received your CUS Permit or received confirmation from the Board.

The CUS Permit Request

Once logged in you can then create a permit request. Click on the “Create new permit request” button. A tutorial is then available to help you with creating your CUS permit.


A minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance certificate naming the Upper Grand District School Board as an additional insured, must be received at the Board office within ten business days of submitting a CUS Application. Should your CUS event occur within the ten business days of applying, your insurance certificates must be in the Board office the same day as your CUS Application.

Each CUS permit must have its own certificate of insurance on file at the Board office prior to the start of a CUS event. CUS Permits will be cancelled without proper insurance on file.


In order to fill out a CUS Permit Request you must first login into the community use website at

Once you have logged in you can check your account status, check space availability, make online payments and fill out a Request for Permit.


ayment is expected in full upon receipt of your Permit. Payment may be made online through the CUS website or by cheque. All CUS Permits have a non-refundable Administration Fee of $28.25 ($25.00+HST). Any changes to a CUS Permit will result in an additional Administration Fee charged to your account.

Inquiries should be directed to:

Denise Riddolls, Community Use Clerk at (519) 822-4420, ext. 833,

Andrew Seagram, Coordinator Community Use of Schools Program at (519) 822-4420 ext 800.

Please note - when schools are closed, Community Use is cancelled. For information on bus cancellations and school closures visit the Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services website at:
*please note some restrictions apply