Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol (VTRA)

The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to providing safe learning environments for all students, staff, school visitors, and community members. When a student behaves inappropriately, principals use progressive discipline to help a student take responsibility for their actions, change their behaviour, and learn from their mistakes. When safety is threatened by the potentially violent or dangerous behaviour of a student, which places either the student or others at risk, school staff follow specific protocols for the protection of all. It is important that you and your children are aware of these protocols. For more information, visit the board's website.

Update on elementary progress reports and interviews

Labour Update ButtonWhat parents need to know about progress reports and interviews now that the elementary teachers have voted to ratify the central agreement. For more information, visit

Victoria Cross News

January 2012 News

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Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2012! It’s great to have the students back from what we hope was a restful and enjoyable time with family. We are still searching for winter and the typical accumulation of snow. In anticipation of such weather, we need to review a number of safety issues over and above our typical concerns. We want our students to continue to be as safe as possible. Please go over the list in the newsletter and share it with your children.

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