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November Newsletter

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October has been a busy and productive month! 

Great activities are happening in the classrooms and around the school. Cold weather has returned and with that the need to dress warmly. Parents are reminded to send students to school with warm clothing including: hats, mitts and outdoor shoes/boots. Layers are suggested. Extra socks and mittens in backpacks are a good idea. 

The teachers are busy completing assessments and evaluations. If you wish to speak with any of your child/ren’s teacher(s) about student progress please do not hesitate to contact the school. Remember that open and ongoing communication between the home and school is one of the keys to academic success.

The newsletter is available online here!

October Newsletter

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It's available online here!

September Newsletter

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It's available online here!

First Day of School - September 2nd, 2014

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I hope that everyone is enjoying their final days of summer. Please find below a reference for the first day of school: 

  • Staff will meet students outside (back of the school) by the appropriate signs (ie. Grade 3 area) . Once the bell has gone, teachers will call out names and take their new class into the school. There will be many staff outside to help with any questions. 
  • Kindergarten students will go directly to their classes. 
  • If it rains, students will meet in the gym and organization will take place from there. 

Wishing everyone a safe long weekend. See you Tuesday.

End Of Year Updates

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The End of Year Newsletter is online now! Check it out here! 

To see next year's calender, click here! 

June Newsletter is online

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View June 2014 Newsletter here!

May Newsletter is online

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In addition to regular classroom teaching, May brings trips, a bicycle rodeo, tree planting, track and field and much more!

Thank you to School Council for supplying fruit for both the intermediate and junior tournaments.

A thank you also goes out to the many parents, grandparents, relatives and friends who volunteer at Taylor Evans PS. Your help in the classrooms, on class trips and in many other areas of our school programs is greatly appreciated. Please keep our school safe by using the designated crosswalk in front of the school as it is unsafe to cross at Shallmar.

From our Principal, Farhan Hussain

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