There are two main ways to print at Terry James Resource Centre. Staff are welcome to come in and use our desktops to print or can send files in through a variety of methods. Please note, all printing is now tracked by School Specific or Program Specific Codes. These codes are linked to specific budget codes. To obtain your code speak with your Principal, Administrative Leads or TJRC Staff.  

 To print from our desktops simply load your document via a USB, through  UGcloud or download as an email attachment. Please note our computers are not networked - this will prevent you from opening your schools common drive to load files. Enter in in your print code and record your work in the chargeback binder.

 Even though all printing is recorded on the devices  we do require you to manually input this information into the binder as well. Staff is available on site to assist with printing from desktops and helping with filling out the binder.  

To send in print requests that you wish to pick up or have courier to your school we recommend the following practices:

(Please note no matter how you send your work in we require  your name, school/department/program information,  budget code,  copy numbers, preference for colour or B&W and any other special requests)

Attach a Word or PDF document to an email address. This can be sent to the Media Centre email or directly to either Cindy Douma or Starlene Steiner. You will be sent a confirmation that we have the order and when it will be available for pick up/delivery. 

Send in a USB stick through the courier - Please address to Media Centre. 

Sharing documents with us over the Cloud - when sharing over the Cloud we ask that you please ensure the formatting is correct and the files are easily downloadable (or all saved together in one file). This will allow us to print your work faster. ***NEW*** share files easily over the Cloud- share with

For other file formats please contact us. 

For rush jobs we request that you contact us directly so we can determine a turnaround time and ensure we meet your needs

Special Projects? No problem - contact us and one of our Media Staff will work with you to determine cost and timelines. We provide quotes for all work when requested

When in doubt, just ask. We are here to help!