Charge Backs & Pricing

 Services are only available to UGDSB Staff & Volunteers and only for UGDSB related work. Items will be charged to the appropriate School or Program Department.  

Print codes are required for all print jobs. Please speak with your principal, Program Head or Terry James Staff for this information. All work completed (including printing) MUST be recorded in the Terry James Charge Back Binder.

Any questions about pricing or to request a quote can be emailed to the

Printing (regular paper, cardstock, etc)


Black & White (All sizes)


Colour (All sizes)



Wall Displays



$1.00 per foot

Laminate for posters

$0.25 per foot



 Media Supplies


Velcro Hook


Velcro Loop


Coins (Hook)


Coins (Loop)


Velcro Tape Roll (Hook)


Velcro Tape Roll (Loop)


Velcro Coins Roll (Hook)


Velcro Coins Roll (Loop)


Magnetic Tape (Roll)



Magnetic Tape (inch)



Hard Laminate (Letter) Pack of 100


Hard Laminate (Legal) Pack of 100


Hard Laminate (12 X 18) Pack of 100


Hard Laminate Letter (Each)


Hard Laminate Legal (Each)


Hard Laminate 12 X 18 (Each)


Soft Laminate (Per foot)


Rings (All Sizes)


Bindings  (All sizes)