Online Access to Math Journals

Terry James Resource Centre has purchased a board-wide subscription to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) online journals. This subscription includes full-text access to the following journals: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, The Mathematics Teacher, Mathematics Teacher Educator, Mathematics Teaching in Middle School, and Teaching Children Mathematics.

To access the titles while at an Upper Grand location:

  •  Click on the Mathematics Magazine button on the left hand side of the homepage. 
  • From there, you simply click on the individual title or perform a search if you are looking for a specific topic. 
To access the titles from home:
  • By default access is IP authenticated which means the link will only work if you are at an Upper Grand location. 
  • To get access to the journals from outside of the board you will need to register and create an account using this Registration Link
  •  You will be directed to the Login/Register for MyJSTOR page. If a user already has a MyJSTOR account, click Login to MyJSTOR under Already have a MyJSTOR account? to activate access for their existing MyJSTOR account. 
  • Complete the required fields to register a unique username and password. A unique email address is required, but the email address may be of any type (Gmail, Hotmail, a institution-issued account, etc.).
  • Click "Submit" to register your account. You will be redirected to the new JSTOR main page, where you may use JSTOR as usual.
For subsequent access, users may go directly to and select "Login" at the top of the page to enter JSTOR with their username and password. They may access JSTOR via this account from any location. Note that each user must register their own MyJSTOR account through the access token registration link to access full-text content on JSTOR