French Immersion in the Upper Grand District School Board

The Program

Young children using cards to connect images with words in French
  • French Immersion is a program designed to offer students opportunities to acquire a high level of proficiency in French while maintaining and developing English language skills.
  • French is the only language of instruction from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2. Immersion students begin English instruction in Grade 3 and study in both languages until high school graduation.
  • The French Immersion and English programs follow the same expectations in the Ontario Curriculum (
  • The difference between the two programs is the language of instruction.
  • A certificate of French Immersion studies is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Learning French promotes:

  • a deeper understanding of various languages and cultures;
  • enhanced creativity and problem solving ability;
  • a facility for learning other languages;
  • career opportunities in areas such as business, diplomacy, research, teaching, travel, translation, government, the Canadian Armed Forces;
  • enriched travel experiences in Canada and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child a good candidate for French Immersion?

Good candidates for the program:

  • enjoy language (such as reading, being read to and listening to music);
  • have strong listening and focusing skills;
  • have strong communication skills in his / her mother tongue;
  • enjoy new experiences.

While most children adapt and do well in the Immersion program, each child is unique. Ultimately, parents must make their decision based on what they feel is in their child’s best interests.

How proficient do students become in French?

Upon successful completion of the K - 12 French Immersion Program, students:

  • understand and converse with native speakers;
  • understand radio and television programs;
  • read periodicals, magazines, newspapers, books, and websites with ease;
  • write with considerable ease and accuracy.

What if I don’t speak French?

  • It is not necessary for you to speak French for your child to be successful in the French Immersion program.

How can I support my child?

  • Be positive about the program.
  • Show interest in your child’s daily activities, homework, and learning experiences.
  • Read to your student in English often.
  • Have your child read to you in both languages.
  • Continue to communicate regularly in your first language.
  • Help your child develop a solid knowledge of sounds, vocabulary, and mathematical concepts.
  • Expose your child to French outside of school (such as library, books, Internet, TV, & DVDs).
  • Volunteer in the classroom.
  • Share your questions, suggestions, and concerns with teachers.

What if English is not our first language?

  • Evidence indicates that English Language Learners enrolled in French Immersion perform as well as their Anglophone counterparts, and ELL students who come to French Immersion having already developed literacy in their home language often perform even better than Anglophone student (Canadian Council on Learning, 2007).

What if my child experiences difficulties in the Immersion Program?

  • Contact your school principal and your child’s teachers who can suggest ways to support your child.

French Immersion Schools

Elementary French Immersion Schools 2014-2015
École Arbour Vista PS Guelph JK - 7
Brisbane PS Erin JK - 6
Edward Johnson PS Guelph JK - 6
Erin PS Erin 7 - 8
FA Hamilton PS Guelph JK - 6
École Harris Mill PS Rockwood JK - 1
JD Hogarth PS Fergus 3 - 8
James McQueen PS Fergus JK - 2
John McCrae PS Guelph JK - 8
École King George PS Guelph JK - 7
Mono-Amaranth PS Orangeville 4 - 8
Paisley Road PS Guelph JK - 3
Palmerston PS Palmerston JK - 8
Princess Elizabeth PS Orangeville JK - 3
Victory PS Guelph JK - 4
Secondary French Immersion Schools 2014-2015
Centre Wellington DHS Fergus 9 - 12
Erin DHS Erin 9 - 12
JF Ross CVI Guelph 9 - 12
Secondary Extended French Schools 2014-2015
Norwell DSS Palmerston 9 - 12


Percentage of Instruction Time in French

Kindergarten 100%
Grade 1 100%
Grade 2 100%
Grade 3 80%
Grade 4 80%
Grade 5 75%
Grade 6 70%
Grade 7 50%
Grade 8 50%


The French Immersion program begins in Junior Kindergarten. Alternatively, parents may choose to have their child begin the French Immersion Program in Senior Kindergarten. Admission to the program in subsequent grades is available only to students from other jurisdictions with an Early Immersion program or to those students who have comparable proficiency in the French language.


French Immersion Kindergarten registration coincides with the regular English Kindergarten registration. Parents interested in enrolling their child in the Immersion program should contact their neighbourhood school.

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