Kindergarten Registration 2015

Kindergarten kids (cartoon)If your child was born in 2011, he or she can start kindergarten in September 2015.

Come and join the Upper Grand family! The next registration date is Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at local schools. 

Elementary school offices will be open as of August 31, 2015 if you wish to call before your visit.

Where is my local school?

To determine the location of your school, visit Follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Which school do I attend?"
  2. Enter your house number, street and city.
  3. Beside Board, select Upper Grand District School Board.
  4. Beside Grade, select J for Junior Kindergarten
  5. Beside Program, leave blank for English - Regular Track, or select French Immersion.


  • Children who were born in 2011 may attend Junior Kindergarten (JK).
  • Children who were born in 2010 may attend Senior Kindergarten (SK).
  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten attendance in Ontario is not mandatory. A child may enter school in the English program at JK, SK or Grade 1.
  • If your child attended JK you do not have to re-register for SK.

Documents Required

  • Student Admission Form
  • Proof of your child’s age (Birth Certificate, Birth Registration Form, Baptismal Certificate, Passport). 
  • Proof of, and, full address (driver’s license, bank statement, utility bill, or similar documentation). Confirm that the address is within the school boundary. In rural areas please include your RR, lot and concession numbers.
  • Your child’s up-to-date immunization record (yellow card). 
  • Any relevant custody order documents.

Busing Information

  • Busing is provided by Service de transport de Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services (STWDSTS). See the website: external site
  • Children are bussed based on their age and the distance they live from their home school. Board policy states that the maximum walking distance for a child in Kindergarten is 1.6 km.
  • Bus information will be provided to parents of new Kindergarten students by mail approximately two weeks before the first day of school by STWDSTS.

About our Programs

  • We use the blended program model where Junior and Senior Kindergarten students work in the same classroom. 
  • All elementary schools provide Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) for four and five year olds.
  • The kindergarten program uses a play based learning approach that will support your child’s growth in all areas.
  • A French Immersion (FI) program is available. Children may enter the FI program in either Junior or Senior Kindergarten. Register at the designated FI school, not at your English home school.

Extended Day Program

  • At present, nearly half of elementary schools offer before- and after-school care through an Extended Day Program.
  • The list of schools offering the Extended Day Program is subject to change. Parents are surveyed annually, during kindergarten registration, to determine the level of interest in a school community.