School Councils

Getting involved has rewards

father and son readingBecoming involved in the life of your school can be rewarding for you, your child and the entire school. Have you ever wondered how you can get involved? You can be a partner in your child's education through the board-wide Parent Involvement Committee or your School Council.

The Education Act in Ontario requires that every school board must "establish a school council for each school operated by the board". In accordance with direction from the Ministry of Education, every board must also develop a policy on school councils (under Policy 201 School Councils and the Parent Involvement Committee and 201-A School Councils Procedures Manual)

School Councils act in an advisory capacity to the schools' principals and the Board for the continued promotion of excellence throughout the system. School Councils are composed of a majority of parents, along with the principal, a teaching and non-teaching staff member, community representatives, and at senior elementary and secondary schools, students. It is expected that the membership on School Councils will reflect the diversity of the school community it serves.

The members of School Councils shall:

  • place the interests of the school and students first;
  • participate in Council meetings;
  • participate in information and training programs;
  • act as a link between the School Council and the community;
  • encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community;
  • and seek to reach consensus in the decision-making processes of the Council.

On December 1, 2005, the Minister of Education released the Ontario Parent Involvement Policy. This policy recognizes the value of parental involvement and mandates that each school board establish a Parent Involvement Committee. This committee provides parent advice and supports parent engagement at a school board level.