High Skills Major

Fall Safety Certification

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Fall Safety is scheduled for Feb 21 from 12:25 - 3:05pm. This certification is for Construction/Transportation/Arts & Culture SHSM students. We will send you a slip inviting you to attend. Grade 12 students will have priority.

WHMIS Dec 21/2011

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The WHMIS (and other certifications) training will be held on Dec 22 in period C & D in the library. You will receive a slip from your block A teaching 'inviting' you to attend. WHMIS is one of the mandatory certifications for your High Skills Major so please do your best to attend this session. If you cannot attend please let Ms Allin-Sol or Mr Neal know (in guidance / co-op office).


(If you are in grade 12 and graduating in Jan this will be your last chance to get certifications)

2012 CPR & First-Aid Rescheduled

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The First-Aid and CPR course has been rescheduled for Wed May 2nd and Wed May 9th. It will be during school hours from 9:00 am to 3:00pm in the Lower Library. 


Priority for the spring session will be for grade 12 students. You will receive a notice from your Block A teacher inviting you to attend.


All High Skills Major students must complete both First-Aid and CPR certifications prior to graduation.

Co-op Summer School Forms Available - Feb

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 Summer School Co-op Forms Available February  

Due by March Break 


Students who are interested in completing the Specialist High Skills Major co-op requirements in Summer 2012 need to pick up the application forms in guidance or from Ms Allin-Sol or Mr Neal in the co-op office. 


Application packages include the following:

  • A student application form
  • Two Teacher Reference forms (one of which must be from a teacher in the related technology subject
  • A credit history sheet current to mid-semester 2010
  • A record of attendance for the current semester

All applications will be screened through an interview process and applicants MUST attend an interview in April to be considered for this program. Application to the program does not imply acceptance in to the program. Students will receive notification of acceptance following the interview process.


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