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Attendance Procedures

There is an established link between student absenteeism and academic success. Regular attendance at school is critical for the student’s learning and achievement of course expectations. To encourage regular attendance by students, O.D.S.S. will ensure that students and their parents are informed about ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES in the student agenda and in newsletters.


Where a student’s frequent absences from school are jeopardizing his or her successful completion of a course, school staff should meet with the student and parents to explain the potential consequences of the absences, including failure to gain credits and/or removal from course(s), and discuss steps that could be taken to improve attendance. Students of compulsory school age whose absence is reported to the school board attendance counselor will have the reasons for their absence investigated.


Planning, Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Handbook 2003, states that “major summative tasks should be completed under the supervision of a teacher in a classroom or with an ongoing conference or monitoring process.” If a student is frequently absent, he or she will not be able to meet the expectations of the course and will run the risk of being unsuccessful.


The focus and rationale for our ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES are the creation of an optimal learning environment for staff and students.



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