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School Evaluation/Examination Procedures

    1. Course Outlines: During the first week of school, course outlines will be provided by the subject teachers. Information on these outlines will include a brief description of the course and the categories of evaluation.
    2. Assignments: The course outlines will clearly indicate all major assignments for each course. Students requesting an extension on a major assignment must submit a written request a full day ahead of the due time. Completion of all major course requirements is required in order to be eligible for course credit. The major course requirements will be outlined at the beginning of the course in writing. Specific criteria shall be communicated clearly to students at the beginning of each major assessment and evaluation. Students shall be given ongoing formative assessment/feedback to guide their efforts towards improvement prior to evaluation on summative tasks.
    3. Qualification for Credit: To be considered for a credit a student must not only have achieved a passing grade but must also have been present regularly in class. Frequent absences make it impossible for teachers to adequately assess accomplishment of the curriculum expectations. It is a long established fact that regular attendance results in more academic success and, therefore, we expect students to be in class, attend all general school assemblies, and participate in course-related field trips. If a student is absent for any reason, the student is responsible for all work missed. It is recommended that a student keep a record of all absences including the date and reason for each absence in the Student Planner. All students will need to account for non-school related absences by providing a note to the home form teacher the first day the student returns.
    4. Late Assignments: If a major summative evaluation is not completed on time, the student and the teacher must discuss when the evaluation will be completed. If that date passes and the evaluation is not done, the student and the teacher need to agree on an alternative evaluation. If this is not done, the credit is in jeopardy. The teacher, parents, student and the administration will work together to try to ensure other assignments are completed. Appeals may be made to the teacher or the appropriate vice-principal. All assignments will be marked and returned promptly.
    5. Examinations: No field trips, tests or other activities which take a student out of the class of another teacher are permitted during the school days in January and June before exams. Scheduled examinations are considered to be “Course Requirements” and failure to write them will result in either a failed mark or a course incomplete unless the vice-principal rules otherwise. Examinations must be written at the date and time required.
    6. The time expectations for examinations are:
    7. Grades 9, 10 - minimum 1.0 hours; maximum 1.5 hours

      Grade 11 and 12 - minimum 1.5 hours; maximum 2.0 hours

      • While examinations are being written, all students present at school will be expected to be either in an examination room or a study area. Students will be expected to remain in an examination area, under normal circumstances, for at least the first hour of the examination.
      • Students who do not have examinations on a particular day during the final examination time period are not required to attend school.
      • If a student is absent from a scheduled examination, the student should make every effort to contact the school and state the reason for the absence. When the student returns to school, the student should report directly to the office.
      • Students who miss examinations due to illness are required to provide a Doctor’s note to verify the absence.
      • Absence from examinations because of vacations or work is not a legitimate reason for missing a scheduled examination.
      • If a student is absent from an examination without legitimate reason, the student will be given a “0" for the missed examination, and that mark will be included in the calculation of the final mark for that course.
      • Prior to writing an examination, students are required to return texts, library books and other materials or equipment loaned by the school. Students will be required to pay compensation for lost materials, texts or equipment belonging to the school. Arrangements for compensation should be made with an administrator prior to the scheduled exam period.
      • When buses are canceled on an examination day, the examinations will be canceled for that day, and those exams will be scheduled for the NEXT school day. The examination sequence does not change (e.g. if day 2 of the exam schedule must be canceled, the next school day will be day 2).

      Routines during Examination Week:

      1. Students who arrive late for an examination may not have extra time to complete the exam.
      2. Students may begin to write an examination as soon as they are seated.
      3. Students are not to leave an examination area without the permission of one of the presiding teachers.
      4. All books and papers will be left at the front of the examination room, unless special arrangements have been made by a subject teacher.
      5. During the first hour of each examination, students who are not writing an examination are not permitted in the halls.
      6. Students found using unauthorized resources (cheating) on an examination can normally expect to be given a mark of “0" for the examination. In such cases, parents/guardians will be contacted.



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