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Ontario Student Transcript, Ontario Student Record and Full Disclosure

  • The Ontario Student Transcript (O.S.T.) is a provincially standardized document which is the student’s official record of credits earned. Copies are available to students on request.
  • The O.S.T. is kept in the student’s Ontario Student Record folder (O.S.R.). This folder contains achievement results, credits earned, and other information important to the education of the student. The O.S.R. is created when a student enters the Ontario school system, and moves with the student from school to school. The O.S.R. is created under the authority of the Education Act, and the contents of the O.S.R. are protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Students and their parents (if the student is not an adult) may examine the contents of the O.S.R.
  • Full Disclosure: Since September 1999, the Ontario Student Transcript reveals all Grade 11, and 12 courses attempted including those failed, dropped or repeated. This change to the transcript allows a more valid evaluation of each student’s academic performance. Students must be careful to meet the deadline (one week after distribution of mid term reports) to drop a course from their timetable. Failure to meet this deadline could result in a course remaining on the Ontario Student Transcript and thus part of the student’s permanent record - Ontario Student Record (O.S.R.).


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