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OrangevilleDistrict Secondary School


Special Education Programs

Students enrolling in Special Education programs are identified by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (I.P.R.C.). There are a variety of courses and programs offered to students in grades 9 and 10 at O.D.S.S. An Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) must be developed and maintained for students who have been identified through an I.P.R.C.. Information concerning these programs is available from the Head of Special Education.

Enriched Classes:

The primary aim of gifted classes is to provide challenging opportunities in the form of extension activities for students of unique abilities. While completing the course curriculum, students will be exposed to a variety of stimulating activities which assist in developing individual talents and potential. The following classes will be offered to Grade 9 students identified as gifted provided there are sufficient numbers: English (ENG1DE), Science (SNC1DE), and Geography (CGC1DE). The following classes will be offered to Grade 10 students identified as gifted provided there are sufficient numbers: English (ENG2DE), Science (SNC2DE), and History (CHC2DE).


Alternative Program

A four credit package program for grade 9 students at-risk of dropping out. Placement by referral only.


“Locally Developed” Courses:

These courses meet educational needs not met by provincial curriculum policy documents. They are developed to accommodate education and/or career preparation needs of students. Students choosing these courses will have experienced difficulty in achieving success at previous grade level expectations and may have completed a modified Grade 8 curriculum.

At O.D.S.S., Grade 9 students may choose to take the “Locally Developed” courses in English, Mathematics, Geography and Science. In addition, students are advised to choose GLE1O1, the Learning Strategies course. Students and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to consult with the Head of Special Education prior to making course selections.


Grade Nine Program

The grade 9 Locally Developed programs will be offered in packages that meet the needs of the students. These will narrow the optional courses available to the students. Students who have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the curriculum may need to repeat the course in order to complete the learning expectations that are required to receive that credit.


Grade Ten Program

Students in Grade 10 will be encouraged to include English, Mathematics and History at an appropriate level of difficulty depending on individual achievement. A second Learning Strategies course is available for identified exceptional students. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to consult with the Head of Special Education prior to choosing courses. Students may need to take one or more subjects at the Locally Developed level while others may be at the applied level.

Grade 11 identified students may have the opportunity to take a third learning strategies course (GLE301). It is imperative that students and parents work carefully with the Special Education Department when selecting workplace, college or university bound courses in order to meet Ministry of Education criteria for diploma purposes. Course offered:

GLE301 (Learning Strategies: Transition planning for students preparing for the workplace)

Grade 12 identified students entering their Grade 12 year must work carefully with the Special Education Department to ensure that courses selected lead to the achievement of outcomes upon school leaving.

GLE401 (Learning Strategies: Preparation for entering the World of Work) + courses in preparation for the world of work

Developmentally Challenged Program:

The Developmentally Challenged class is one of the most highly specialized programs at O.D.S.S. It is by an I.P.R.C. placement that students enter this class. An individualized program is developed to meet the needs of each student. The programs will emphasize life-skills, functional literacy and numeracy skills needed for successful independent living and appropriate social skills. Physical and Health Education and recreational and leisure activities may be included in some programs. Students may, in special circumstances be integrated into classes to work on achieving instructional needs according to their I.E.P.s. Students will be given the opportunity to gain work experience. Initially, this is done through in-school work placements. Eventually, students participate in the school to work transition program involving job coaching as well as an in-class portion of school to work transition. Above all, the Developmentally Challenged program is structured in such a way as to accommodate each student’s personal growth to ensure that [s]he will be able to function as independently as possible upon completion of secondary school.



Students may access the Resource Room to receive assistance with courses that they are finding difficult. Primarily, students with I.E.P.s and who have been identified as exceptional through an IPRC can access this service. However, any student experiencing difficulty in their classes can access help through the Resource Room.

Summer School

Sign up for summer school is held during May and June of each school year. Summer school is available for upgrades, make-up, new credit, transfer courses (Grade 7 and 8 preparation for Grade 9), failed courses. All courses are subject to enrolment.

Smart Start Program

A five week (15 hour) course for student who wish to prepare for the OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) is available after school for two days per week prior to the OSSLT.


Special Education Advisory Committee

The Upper Grand District School Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is a committee established under the Education Act which may make recommendations to the board in respect of any matters affecting the establishment and development of special education program and services in respect of exceptional pupils of the board. SEAC is made up of parents, trustees, and community representatives who are concerned about the education of exceptional children. Information about the Upper Grand School Board’s Special Education Plan, or copies of the parent guide, as well as policies to Special Education are available from the Program Department located at 40 Amelia Street in Orangeville, (941-6191), or by contacting the Head of Special Education or the Principal at O.D.S.S., (941-0491).


Annual Education Plan

  • An annual plan must be developed by the student, their parents and teacher advisor during each year of high school.
  • This is a requirement for all grades.
  • The intent is designed to assist students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills for:
    • the student’s goals for academic achievement
    • education planning and goals
    • long-term career planning
    • decision making over a period of 6 years

    The AEP will include the extracurricular activities, co-operative education programs and work experience opportunities in which the student will participate.

The plan will be reviewed at least twice a year.



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