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OrangevilleDistrict Secondary School


Supporting Secondary School Students with Student Success

In the Upper Grand District School Board and at Orangeville District Secondary School, we believe that all students can succeed. Our goal is to ensure that students graduate from high school so that they may move on to the pathway destination of their choice. In order to reach every student, secondary schools have several Student Services available to support students along the way. Guidance counselors assist students with appropriate course selections; provide career counseling and advise students on post-secondary options. They also collaborate with Social Workers, Attendance Counselors and Child and Youth Workers to co-ordinate social and emotional support. Students with exceptionalities are supported by Special Education Resource Teachers.


New to the Student Services cluster is the Student Success Teacher. This person works directly with students who have, or may experience difficulties in their courses. The Student Success Teacher works closely with the other members of the Student Success Team including the school administration, Guidance and Special Education in order to determine the best interventions within the school to support students and help get them back on track. Some of the services that the Student Success Teacher may provide include mentoring students, monitoring their progress, supporting their teachers and coordinating Credit Recovery and Alternative Education programs.

Student Success is a team approach that involves all members of the educational community: the student, the parents/guardians, the classroom teachers and the Student Success Team. Together we can help students experience success.

If you have questions about . . .


  • Changing courses or option selections
  • Social-Emotional or wellness concerns
  • Careers, Apprenticeships, College, Universities


  • your student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • IPRC reviews

Special Education

  • Academic Support
  • Credit Recovery

Student Success Teacher

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour

Vice Principal



The first year of high school is an exciting and energizing time for students. O.D.S.S. offers students a rich program of curricular and co-curricular activities. Studies on Student Success indicate student engagement in the secondary program is a key predictor of success in high school. We encourage all students to get involved not only in their studies but in the many co-curricular activities available. Although O.D.S.S. is no doubt larger than the school our grade nine students have left, it is important that they feel comfortable and safe. Please contact a vice principal or the principal if your child is feeling uncomfortable at our school. We will do whatever possible to create that comfort.


It is also very important that student success begins with a successful start in grade nine. Studies on high school drop-outs indicate that students who experience failure in their first years of school and who become credit-poor have a higher chance of dropping out. For this reason, the program taken in grade nine should be carefully selected to challenge students without a high risk of failure. If your child is experiencing difficulty with their studies please contact the subject teacher for assistance, or contact a member of the Student Services Team if an intervention is required.



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