twitter bird ODSS News & Announcements are on Twitter - ODSS_News MARCH 26, 2015 IS THE EQAO GRADE 10 LITERACY TEST

There is some important information in this letter!  More info coming soon about the day's schedule.
PARENT TEACHER NIGHT IS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2015   5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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Bear PicAttendance Notes for ODSS Students: 

Click here to send an attendance note by e-mail.   

Please include:

  • your name and a phone number where we can reach you,
  • the student's full name and the date of the absence,
  • the reason for the absence, and
  • if the student was absent for less than a full day, include the times/classes you are excusing him/her for.

Remember that you can check your child's attendance on-line.     Click here for directions

Codes for on-line attendance:  P-Present, A-Unexcused Absence, B-School Excused (i.e. field trip), E-Parent Excused (note or call received from parent), L-Late
The students who use our Breakfast Club usually:
  • are from a good home,
  • have parent(s) that work hard,
  • are good students,
  • are often athletes.
The Breakfast Club is run through our school kitchen by Chef Smith with the help of Community Volunteers that consist mainly of parents. Roughly 50-100 students access it every day. They serve 1,800 - 2,000 meals per month. We run it every day until we run out of money. Nobody is turned away. The need is far greater this year than it has been in the past, and we will run out of money before the school year ends. We are funded mainly by Food & Friends. Every year they run a fundraiser called the Live Free Campaign. You can help our Breakfast Club by donating online. Every amount helps! Please consider donating to help our students.

If you (or a friend, peer or sibling) have been involved in a self/peer exploitation incident (otherwise known as “sexting”), we are here to help. This site provides you with guidance on steps you can take to get through this.

This is a message from the Town of Orangeville, Orangeville Police Service and ODSS.
One of the challenges that exist every year is the traffic congestion in the areas around our schools. For short periods of time in the morning and again in the afternoon most school zones in Orangeville are congested with a combination of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
The traffic in the area of ODSS is a combination of student, parent and neighbourhood vehicles, as well as school buses. The congestion is of concern to not only ODSS and Orangeville Police, but to the residents that live in the area of the school as well. The Town of Orangeville has clearly posted signage that indicates various NO PARKING and NO STOPPING areas around ODSS.
Town of Orangeville By-Laws indicate NO STOPPING/PARKING on Faulkner St (front of the school) and Fead St/Northman Way (south side of the school). Please make yourself familiar with these areas and be advised that the Orangeville Police Service will enforce these by-laws by issuing tickets to violators. We recommend using the parking lot of the Tony Rose Sports Centre to pick up or drop off students. In addition, the signs in the school driveway at the front entrance of ODSS indicate NO PARKING/NO STOPPING as this area is restricted to buses and vehicles for persons with special needs. 
Thank you for your cooperation.