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Norwell District Secondary School

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Report Cards

 Final report cards that were not picked up last week have been mailed.  Provided the postal service is not disrupted you should be receiving your child's report card shortly. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the school at 519-343-3107.  

Norwell Unplugs

Norwell Unplugs    updates

New and innovative initiatives are always occurring at Norwell District Secondary School, and the 2016-2017 school year is shaping up to be no exception.  Although Norwell’s students have been participating in Norwell Reads on a daily basis for a number of years, it is time for this program to be revamped to better suit the needs of our current students.  Starting in September 2016, Norwell Reads, which was previously a twenty minute block of time in the day when students would read a book of their choice, will now morph into Norwell Unplugs.  Although the focus will still be on sustained silent reading, Norwell Unplugs challenges all students to “unplug” from their digital devices and give themselves a twenty minute respite from the digital dominance that has taken over many students’ lives.  Ultimately, it will provide a much needed mental break for our students during their busy school day.  For our grade nine and ten students, this means that they will continue reading a book of their choice during the Norwell Unplugs time, but all digital devices must be “unplugged”.  For our grade eleven and twelve students, this time may be used to either read silently, or to complete homework or assignments from their classes.  The hope is that students will benefit from having this time to “unplug” and reap the mental and academic benefits of this allocated time in their school day.

School's Out for Summer!

We hope all of our students have a safe and enjoyable summer break!  See you all on September 6, 2016.  Just a reminder that the school will be closed for the summer months due to construction.  Staff will be available by phone.  To find your school and transportation eligibility please visit:  Early registration will take place on Sept.1, 2016 from 9 am-12pm .  To register you will need proof of birth, an immunization record and proof of address.

Norwell June Newsletter

 News from Norwell June 2016

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