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Are the Internet's "wild-west" days coming to an end?

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UG2GO -- Easier Access to Information  

You could use the links below, but it is much simpler to access these resources at UG2GO. At UG2GO you don't need passwords--from school. From home, you'll need to log into UG2GO using your school computer userid and password. 

Online Catalogues  

You can access the EDHS Catalogue and Wellington County Catalogue from these links or from the links below, or you can access the EDHS Catalogue from the UG2GO page.  

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The Library is a joint venture between the Upper Grand District School Board and the County of Wellington. This union provides an extensive resource centre for EDH students. The Library Mission is to support academic success, to instill information literacy skills, to promote a life-long enjoyment of reading and to provide a welcoming environment conducive to learning.


         Online Catalogues 


         Fast Information 

EDHS Catalogue
Wellington County
Terry James (UGDSB)
U.of Guelph Trellis 


Points of View
Auto Repair Ref. Cen.
Can. Points of View
Statistics Canada 

Career Cruising 


Environment Canada Weather
Find a Postal Code
Govt. Of Canada
Govt. Of Ontario
Map Quest 


         Online Encyclopedia 

         Online Newspapers 

         Writing Tools  

The Canadian Encyclopedia
Grolier Encyclopedia
Encyclpedie Universalis  


The Globe and Mail
The National Post 

The Montreal Gazette
The Toronto Star
The Vancouver Sun 

Foreign Languages News and Newspapers  


Writing Styles 

Citation Styles
WordWeb (Dict/Thesauraus)
Visual Dictionary
World Language Dictionary 

         News Services 

         Online Magazines 


BBC Newsround
CBC News
CBC Archives
Foreign Languages News and Newspapers
NewsHour Extra(PBS)
WorldNews Network 

         Canadian Geographic
         National Geographic
         Popular Science
         Time Canada

Canadian Atlas 
Can. Bio.& People
Infoplease (Biographies)
National Library of Canada
WWW Virtual Library 
Public Health Agency