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Urgent News for All Sites


If you were born in 1998 and got a letter from Public Health or feel you  have outstanding vaccines, please attend a clinic at our school on Wednesday, February 17th to update your records and get immunized.

E-Learning Support

If you are taking an e-learning course for the first time or are having trouble accessing your course, check out the online orientation sessions at Click on "Enter as a Guest" and then in the "Name" field type the course code and your first name. 

If you still have questions, please see Mr. Feick, Mr. Mackinnon or Guidance. Note: the start date for UGDSB online courses is Tuesday, February 16. For courses offered by other boards, please check with your online teacher or enrollment email for start dates.

Tuesday Feb. 97 pm - 8 pm
Wednesday Feb. 1011 am - 12 pm
Thursday Feb. 112:30 pm - 4 pm
7 pm - 8pm
Tuesday Feb. 167pm - 8pm

New Pre-Paid Cafeteria Lunch Cards are Available for Second Semester

Starting February 1st you can purchase pre-paid cafeteria lunch cards online.  Access this feature through our School Cash Online link.  Cards are available in amounts of either 5 lunches ($23.00) or 10 lunches ($45.00).  After purchase, cards can be picked up at the school’s main office.  This is a great way to ensure your student is getting a nutritious lunch each day, while saving when compared to the regular cost of a school lunch.

EDHS Cafeteria Menu

With the rising cost of food we have had to increase the price of some items sold in our cafeteria. The largest increase will be 50 cents.  The cost of a lunch special will now be $5.00, unless you order the new pre-paid lunch cards online, which offer savings on each meal.

Launch of the Raiders' Retreat

The Raiders' Retreat is open and available for use.  The Raiders' Retreat is a quiet space in our Guidance office that has comfortable furnishings and lower levels of lighting.  The purpose of the room is to provide a quiet space for students to "gather themselves" on a difficult day, reduce sensory input in "return to learning" plans, or for quiet contemplation and reflection.  It will also serve as a space where students can pray. 

Students can access the Raiders' Retreat through Mrs. Paterson or through Ms. McDuffe.  The expectation would be that students use the space for short periods of time during the school day,  and return to regular daily activities as quickly as possible. 

Pass-the-Test Course, 2016.

Every year EQAO conducts the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). This provincial test measures the performance of grade 10 students on reading and writing expectations in all subjects up to and including grade 9.Successful completion of the OSSLT is a graduation requirement. This year, the OSSLT is March 31, 2016.

Pass the Test is an excellent opportunity for students to get extra support as they prepare to write the test.

For more information and to register your child for the Pass the Test course,  click here