Upper Grand District School Board


Congratulations to Alana Dunlop

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Congratulations are extended to Alana Dunlop!  Alana was the runner-up in the Ontario Poetry Society's 2014 Ultra Short Verse Poetry Contest.  Well done Alana!

Bus Cancellations - Friday January 9, 2015

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All school buses and taxis to Centre Wellington, the Town of Erin and Dufferin County have been cancelled today, January 9, 2015.  The school is open for those who can safely arrive.

Bus Cancellations - Jan.7, 2015

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All school buses and taxis for Dufferin County have been cancelled today, Wednesday January 7, 2015.  The school is open for those who can safely arrive. 

End of Semester Reminders for Students and Parents

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Just a few reminders for students and parents as we close in on the end of semester. 

The last month of the semester is a very busy time for students as they complete culminating activities and summative examinations. Incomplete culminating activities and exams will receive a mark of zero, unlike other parts of the semester.


  • Please make sure that time is managed well to complete all work to the best of your ability.  Remember that in all courses a significant part of your final grade is determined in the last 3 weeks.  That is why the school limits all field trips and school activities that may take you out of school.  
  • Be cautious when scheduling personal appointments during this time.  Missing a key review lesson or a key presentation may have a significant impact.
  • Be in close communication with your teachers if you believe your credit is in jeopardy or if you are afraid of meeting course expectations.
  • Avoid booking family trips, vacations, appointments,  or activities that would take students out of school especially during the 5 day examination period that include January 23 - 29, 2015. 
  • If there are medical emergencies or family emergencies, please be in contact with the school as soon as possible, especially during the exam days.
  • Please make sure you are returning all learning materials to the school that you may have in your possession before exams, so that others can use them next semester.



Snow Days during Exams

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 The secondary school examination schedule for semester I is set for January 23rd to January 29th.  January 30th is scheduled to be a professional activity day for semester turn around activities.  

 Semester II is scheduled to begin on February 2, 2015.

Should a snow day (with cancelled buses) occur during an exam day, the entire exam schedule and professional activity day will move forward by the number of snow days for the affected area(s) of the District only.

However, should a snow day occur on the Professional Activity Day, no adjustment will be made in the schedule for the commencement of semester II.