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It is truly amazing how quickly the school year flies by. As we enter our last month of school we look forward to a number of things.

Many of our students from grades 1 to 8 have been working hard during Phys. Ed, DPA and recess to get ready for the county track meet on June 12th.

The intermediate students are off to a leadership camp at Brock University this week. The grade eights are also looking forward to our graduation ceremonies happening on June 24th.

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Education Week May 5-9

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May 5-9 is Education Week and there are many things happening. Our band heads to the Dufferin Festival of the Arts. It is amazing how the students have moved from making sounds to playing pieces of music.

Visit Education Week page for more information. 

May Newsletter is online

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Fundraiser for New School

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Dear East Garafraxa Families,

Our school community has many strengths; some of them caring, sharing and helping others in need. We would like your support in assisting in our fundraising efforts for our new school Spencer Avenue Elementary. Are you aware that when a new school opens there are no monies allotted for playground and outdoor equipment, bike racks, balls, skipping ropes, basketball hoops, etc. In the past school council has raised funds and paid for extra Tech equipment as well, such as smartboards, bus fees for extra school trips, uniforms and pinnies, etc………School council works very hard to see that all the money raised from fundraisers goes to purchasing these supplies and equipment for the various areas of the school. Without your donations and your support our children would have a lot less at their school.

Thank you in advance for your support, Our East Garafraxa School Spirit will be helping our sister school in a very small way to get started. If you have any questions please call the school and Anita Wright-Co chair of school council will return your call.

[For more information and donation form for this fundraising (PDF)]

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