Digital Saturday

Have you ever marveled at the ease with which kids can learn and adopt new technology? The Upper Grand District School Board has created a reoccurring digital open house where parents and guardians can learn more about the technologies used in our classrooms.

Over the last few years, there has been exponential growth in the use of technological tools and resources in Upper Grand schools. Students don’t stop using this technology when they get home, as a good number of these resources are available to them 24/7. The board created Digital Saturdays as a way for parents to learn more about the technology their children are using daily.

Digital Saturday 2016 1

Digital Saturday is an opportunity to explore and learn about:

  • New technologies in the classroom like Chromebooks, UGCloud
  • Assistive technologies to support all learners including Kurzweil and Read&Write for Google
  • Robotics and coding and virtual reality in the classroom demonstrations
  • Online digital resources for assisting student learning such as UG2GO, UGCloud and Homework Help

Digital Saturday 2016 2

The format of the event has evolved over the years, starting as formal presentations where experts showed parents and guardians how the technology works. Now, Digital Saturday is an open house with students as the experts, giving presentations and demonstrations.

Digital Saturday 2016 3

The most recent Digital Saturday took place on Nov. 26, 2016, at Spencer Avenue Elementary School in Orangeville. There was a fantastic turnout and the library was buzzing and excited students and eager parents got their hands on everything from robotics and coding programs, to virtual reality and green screen technology.

Digital Saturday 2016 4

You can read more about a past Digital Saturday on

Digital Saturday 2016 5