What's up at College Heights

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What's up at College Heights

Important Events:

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Check your calendar to stay on top of what is going on at College Heights:

Registration Day is on Wednesday, August 31

First Class Day is on Tuesday, September 6

Welcome to College Heights Secondary School

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Please take a look at our video that represents what our school is all about.  You can see what is happening in compulsory classes, elective classes (including our technology classes), as well as extra curricular activities.  College Heights is a great place for student learning and growing.  If you need any additional information or would like a tour of the building, please contact the school at 519 821 4510.


Going to College Heights...


Our programs are expanding and following the growth of technology in the workplace and the industry.

Checkout what we have to offer you by reading up on our programs and tech brochures in the Program Links below.

Our Course Calendar has a detailed description of each course as well.

Find out what is happening at College Heights this week in the Weekly Bulletin tab of the site navigator.

Pathways Information Guide
Course Descriptions
Program Links
and Weekly Bulletins

Keep an eye on these and more as we are adding new information each week!

School Council Meetings - Come Join Us!

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 School Council 2015  

The next meeting to be held on Monday, June 6th.

Check Out Our Tech Course Information Brochures

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We have an information brochure for each of our technology courses and would like to invite you to give them a look see and read about the exposure and experience that you can get a College Heights.

Find out what our courses offer and what you can accomplish!

Quick Link to Tech @ Heights! 

CHSS Student Handbook

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Have you been looking for the CHSS Student Handbook?

You can find it in the Resources section under the Courses tab.

New School Improvement Plan now ONLINE!

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See our School Improvement Plan for 2014-2017.  

Check out our data and our areas of focus. 

Click here to download our PDF version.