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CELP Co-op

Starting in the fall of 2012 CELP will be hosting a co-op position for former CELP students as they will be helping with Earthkeepers/EcoStars and must know this process. This student would receive 2 co-op credits, electives run out of your schools of CCVI’s co-op department, and be able to select 2 credits from the UGDSB’s e-learning credits { we have secured access to these correspondence credits offering college, “m”, and many university level courses}. See for details. You will need to see your school’s guidance dept. to verify specific courses.

We have arranged that the mandatory co-op training aspects be set around the CELP tripping schedule so that the student can go on our fall or winter trip. Students would be responsible for a variety of tasks from trip prep, equipment care and inventory, and most specifically for providing leadership during Earthkeepers/EcoStars to the grade 10 students during this critical period.

The Earthkeeper/EcoStars expertise required for this position demands that students be former CELPers and that they be very mature. Grade 11 students may apply but the level of maturity required will demand an exceptional candidate. CELP may decide not take any candidates if none fitting our requirements applies as this unique leadership position requires great maturity and independence.

Co-op students will have to meet the modified in-school demands of their co-op program but otherwise will spend their days at CELP. Some periods will be intensive on the co-op work and other times there will be much greater flexibility to work on the e-learning credits. Again..a mature independent student is required.

[ View the CELP Co-op Application Information for 2013 (pdf) ]