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A small sampling or some of our favorite links to other WEB sites. If you have a site you feel deserves to be listed here, please inform your science teacher.

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Exploring Planets in the Classroom

More than 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

Introduction to Windows to the Universe

Windows to the Universe! is a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences.

Journey Into The Heavens

The web page focused strongly on design and visual quality. Many of the web pages the team members visited during their research were simply not visually appealing. Journey into the Heavens is an attempt to provide users with a good, basic understanding of astronomy, our solar system, and the evolution of the universe. Journey is also an attempt to put this information in a form that was visually appealing.

NASA Home Page

The starting point for all of the NASA and many related Space Science WEB sites.


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A Perfect Match

Discover how cloning works and look at some of the moral and social issues surrounding genetics research. Use technology tools to research the possibility of cloning humans. Lsten to audio clips explaining the cloning process.

Astrobiology - The Living Universe

Astrobiology: The Living Universe is a comprehensive and educational guide to life on Earth and beyond. Astrobiology is a relatively new field of science that covers a wide range of topics. This site features sections on the chemical origin of life, evolution, planetary biology, the search for extra-terrestrial life, supporting humans in space and exobiology. Concepts presented in textual format are reinforced visually with images, diagrams, animations and interactive simulations in order to facilitate understanding and retention of knowledge. Features such as print-friendly texts, PDFs, worksheets, quizzes and a virtual classroom make this site ideal for implementation in schools. Astrobiology: The Living Universe encourages readers to learn about the remarkable phenomenon called life and to be open to the possibility that living organisms may not be unique to the planet Earth.

BBC Online Education

British site offering online activities and review in many subject areas.

Biodiversity & Conservation

A Hypertext Book by Peter J. Bryant, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine. The book covers the origin, nature and value of biological diversity, the threats to its continued existence, and approaches to preserving what is left .

Creation vs Evolution II

Creation vs. Evolution II is an educational web site designed to help middle and high school-aged students develop critical thinking skills by participating in a debate about a controversial subject. The site has sections where students can research creation or evolution, then participate in an online debate in several formats. In the course of debating the subject, the students will be drawn into studying molecular biology, comparative zoology, paleontology, geology, theology, and the scientific method. This is our second year of developing this site. In the past year, we were hard pressed to keep up with the volume of messages and poll results we received, but in the process, we learned how our visitors were using the site and what improvements they wanted. For example, we know that individuals, and sometimes entire schools, were using the site to research the subjects of creation and evolution for school reports. For them, we added many new articles and a search engine. We also know that the message board was a popular feature, so we added several new ways to debate and share ideas. Finally, we know that not everyone visiting the site agreed with everything we had to say on the subject, so we went back and edited the existing sections to make them more fair and accurate. We even added a third team member with a strong pro-evolution stance to balance the coverage.

Dissection On Line

Three online dissections and quizzes. Very well done.

DNA Fingerprinting

Use technology tools to create a DNA fingerprint and solve a crime. Explore some of the benefits and problems with this technology and its application in the court system and forensic science.

Environment Canada's Green Lane

The environmental science WEB site from Environment Canada.

Evolution of Unicellular Organisms

Evolution... what is it? During the Cambrian era (nearly 540 million years ago), lots of animals evolved in a relatively short amount of time. Scientists have found that the first appearance of animals with limbs and animals with segmented bodies, as well as the first predators with jaws, claws, and teeth all appeared during this same time period Find out why the Cambrian Period is sometimes referred to as biology's Big Bang.

Evolution vs Creation: Quest For Origins

This site is dedicated to presenting information on Evolution and Creation in a central hub source, available to all users at a click of a mouse. The forum is a great place for debates on the topic, so feel free to come in and post your comments. Evolution VS Creation is a fun and interactive site for learning about the theories of our origins.

Genetic Disease

This excursion lists sites useful for the completion of a short report on genetic disease.

Green House

This biology site focuses on the metabolism of the cell, and on the physiology of human life processes such as respiration, circulation, and digestion. Other biology topics included here are photosynthesis, transpiration, and cellular respiration. The treatment of each topic is concise yet thorough, and links are provided for further information. Tests check your learning as you go.

Heart to Heart

Use technology tools to increase your knowledge of heart failure and heart transplants. "Consult" with a patient on his condition, recommend a heart transplant, and perform the surgery on-line. Interview a doctor who is pioneering research in artificial hearts.

Human Anatomy Online

Descriptions, still images and animations of many aspects of human anatomy.

Human Origins

Welcome to our website about human origin. In this site we deal with the mystery of the evolution of man. We describe important discoveries related to our origin as well as various theories and theorists. We explain and compare various links in the evolution process of man. Furthermore we describe arguments in favour and against the theory of evolution.We have tried to remain as neutral as possible. Of course the theory of evolution is just a theory, which you are free to believe or not. We just provide you with the facts and you can deal and process them in your own manner. Even if you do not believe in evolution all together still our texts can be of interest. Our aim is to inform you and let you thing about evolution by using the benefits of the Internet.

Integrated Taxonomic Information Systems

This is the Canadian site of the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), an on-line, scientifically credible, list of biological names focusing on the biota of North America.

Life In The Grasslands

Use technology tools to "visit" the grassland biome and enhance your learning about the different types of grasslands.

Mr. Biology's High School Biology Web Site

An excellent High School and AP Biology resource foe both teachers and students.

National Biology Competition

Home Page for the University of Toronto's National Biology Exam.

Pollution Watch Score Card

The PollutionWatch Score Card is an environmental information service provided by the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, Canadian Environmental Law Association,Canadian Environmental Defence Fund and Environmental Defense. Enter any Postal Code and find out how polluted that area is considered to be, who the major polluters are and what chemicals they are releasing. There are additional links to sites which discuss the specific chemicals and their health effects as well as what actions are and can be taken.

Seeing Hearing and Smelling the World

A WEB site devoted the working of our senses.

The Heart: An Online Exploration

Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure. Follow the blood through the blood vessels. Wander through the weblike body systems. Learn how to have a healthy heart and how to monitor your heart's health. Look back at the history of heart science.

The Science Page: BIOLOGY

Enjoy these biology education sites. The Science Page is home to the internet's largest collection of science analogies.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics.

The US Environmental Protection Agency

Home Page for the United States Environemental Protection Agency.

Virtual Galapagos

During the spring of 1996, TerraQuest undertook an extraordinary journey through wildlife and adventure, and posted it here on the World Wide Web as it happened. You can fully explore the natural and human history of Ecuador and the Galápagos.

Visit the Tundra

Use technology to enhance your learning about the tundra biome. Discover plant and animal life and read the story of a man who visited a small village in the tundra.

Virtual Library

An interesting collection of Java applets for use in Physics, Astronomy or Environemental Science.

Webcytology - An Exploration of Unicellular Life

"Webcytology: An Exploration of Unicellular Life" is a comprehensive resource for students who wish to learn about unicellular biology [cytology, the study of cells]. The site features an interactive simulation in which users create their own species of life and then put it to the test in a virtual petri dish where it responds to varying environmental conditions and interacts with other people?s organisms. Webcytology also includes an extensive reference section with information appropriate for students at both the beginner and AP Biology levels, message boards where students can share their ideas and questions with others, a glossary of biology terms, and interactive quizzes.

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Advanced Placement Chemsitry

The Official College Board Advanced Placement Home Page

BBC Online Education

British site offering online activities and review in Chemistry and many other subject areas.


Sheffield's Chemdex has existed on the WWW since 1993 and exists to maintain an international directory of chemistry on the internet. There are 4355 links in the Chemdex.


Great Introductory Site

Chemistry Study Cards

Brief pdf file course summary sheets for Senior Chemistry and AP Chemistry Students.


Chemogenesis is a free web book &endash; an open access collection of web pages &endash; dealing with chemical reactions and chemical reactivity. Chemogenesis examines the rich science between the periodic table and the established disciplines of inorganic and organic chemistry. The novel chemogenesis analysis shows how reaction chemistry emerges, develops and bifurcates into the extraordinary science we experience.

Chem Team

ChemTeam provides study resources in all standard topics for students in high school and Advanced Placement Chemistry.

ChemWeb 2000

This site is an exhaustive guide to chemistry on the Internet. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced chemistry student this is an excellent site. Information is provided on topics such as acids and bases, atomic structure, balancing equations, types of equations, and chemical composition. Questions at the end of each section allow you to test your knowledge before you move on.

Friends School Chemistry Page

Excellent WEB site with interactive presentations and some downloadable software on a variety of chemistry concepts.

Interactive Tutorials

An assortment of tutorials and quizzes on various topics in chemistry.

Net Equation

The Net Equation is an online chemistry resource. A textbook online--and more! This site provides an in-depth look at chemistry, covering a large variety of topics in a way that makes learning easy, while also focusing on specific areas that are important for Advanced Placement students who plan on taking the AP test for college credit. Special features of this site include a message board for posting ideas and questions, a click-and-view Periodic Table of Elements in a convenient separate window, and interviews (in text AND audio) of real-life chemistry professionals.

Steve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page

A WWW resource site for Harvard-Westlake Honors & AP Chemistry teachers and their students.

The Science Page: CHEMISTRY

Enjoy these chemistry education sites. The Science Page is home to the internet's largest collection of science analogies.

University of Waterloo High School Chemistry Exams

Information including past exams from the University of Waterloo's Avaogadro Exam for Grade 11 Chemistry and Chem 13 for Graduationg Chemistry students.

Virtual Library

An interesting collection of Java applets for use in Physics, Astronomy or Environemental Science.

Web Elements - Periodic Table

Another online Periodic Table chocked full of reference information.


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Ask An Expert

Suitable for all grades the Ask an Expert Page provides links to experts in a number of different categories. One of the greatest values of the World Wide Web is the people that are part of the Internet community. This site offers a quick one-step process for finding experts in any field.

BBC Online Education

British site offering online activities and review in many subject areas.

Bioethics Research I

This xcursion provides websites for a research project in bioethical issues.

Bioethics Research II

This xcursion is a companion to Bioethics Research I and III.

Bioethics Research III

This xcursion is a companion to Bioethics Research I and II.

Education Index

An annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. They're sorted by subject and lifestage, so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Fourmilab North America

Interesting starting point. All I can say is try it.

Science Magazine Online

Just what it says....The online version of Science Magazine.

The Science Page

Enjoy these science and science education sites. The Science Page is home to the internet's largest collection of science analogies.

Sci Seek - Your Online Science & Nature Resource

An excellent Science related search tool.

Virtual Library

An interesting collection of Java applets for use in Physics, Astronomy or Environemental Science.

Welcome To Britannica

Britannica.com editors bring you the best websites, leading magazines, related books, and the complete Encyclopædia Britannica.

Xcursions On Line

Xcursion Central is a Web site featuring Internet learning activities developed by teachers and freely shared for all to use. Classified by subject, theme, and grade level, each Xcursion contains learning objectives, activities, and opportunities for assessment. Xcursions enable students to safely and easily access content on the Web and use the information they gather to deepen their understanding of any subject.


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Mind Tools - How To Handle Stress

Helping you to think your way to an excellent life! A series or articles on stress, its causes and its management.


An excellent starting point for health related issues.

The Canadian Health Network

Health Canada's WEB site on health realted issues from the Canadian pespective.

US National Library of Medicine

The world's largest medical library on line.

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Annenberg/CPB - Amusement Park Physics

How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? In this exhibit, you'll have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster. You can also experiment with bumper car collisions.

BBC Online Education

British site offering online activities and review in many subject areas.

Kinematic Graphing

Ten problems will be generated in a random manner. Your task involves interpretting a graph and identifying the motion parameters which would be required to duplicate the graph.

Leonardo da Vinci Physics Competition

Information and past exams for this graduating physics student competition. Run by the University of Toronto's Engineering Department, the exam is a cross-disciplinary one combining elements from Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

Multimedia Physics Studio

The Multimedia Physics Studios consists of a collection of GIF animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts. The animations cover common physics principles discussed in a first-year high school physics course.

OAPT Physics Competition

The Ontario Association of Physics Teachers sponsors this Grade 12 Physics Prize Contest annually. The contest is intended for Physics students in their first full year of studying Physics.

The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is an online physics tutorial written for high school physics students. Each unit is broken up into lessons and sub-lessons. The sub-lessons are accompanied by Check Your Understanding sections, providing an opportunity to assess one's understanding of the lesson material.

Physics WEB

Gobal News and Information from the world of Physics.

The Science Page: PHYSICS

Enjoy these physics education sites. The Science Page is home to the internet's largest collection of science analogies.

Virtual Library

An interesting collection of Java applets for use in Physics, Astronomy or Environemental Science.

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Biology 11 - McGraw-Hill

Biology 12 - Nelson

Chemistry 11 - Nelson

Chemistry 12 - Nelson

Science 9 - Nelson

Science Power 9 - McGraw-Hill

Science Power 10 - McGraw-Hill

Chemistry Zumdahl 4e (AP Chem Text - Password Required)

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Annenberg/CPB - Weather

Explore the forces behind the weather. Try your hand at tornado chasing or discover how wind chill works. Begin by taking a look at what protects Earth from the forbidding climate of outer space in "The Atmosphere."

Cloud Boutique

Pictures and descriptions of the various cloud types.

CNN - El Niño

A description of the conditions leading to El Nino and the impact of its formation.

El Niño

A second excellent El Nino site.

El Niño - A Child of the Tropics

El Nino refers to unusually warm ocean currents which sometimes occur along the Peruvian coast. What does this mean to the rest of the world? This long-term change in the ocean currents can affect weather in many places. It may increase cold in North America and cause droughts, among other things. This excellent web site offers a thorough presentation of the El Nino phenomenon. From its positive to its negative impacts, you'll find it all here.

Guide to Meteorology

Enjoy these physics education sites. The Science Page is home to the internet's largest collection of science analogies.

Guide to Reading Weather Maps

An interesting collection of Java applets for use in Physics, Astronomy or Environemental Science.

How the Weather Works

Excellent Instructional site on all aspects of weather.

La Niña

A description of the conditions leading to La Nina and the impact of its formation.

Riddles of a Changing Climate

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC set about "Unlocking the Climate Puzzle" in its May1998 issue. To enhance that millennium story and help you shape an informed opinion, we invite you to explore our climate laboratory - replete with links to some of the best climate resources on the Internet.

Sun & Moon Rise Tables

Calculate the day length for any location in the world on any day based upon latitiude and longitude.

The Weather Network

Weather forecasts, maps and satellite imagery.

Weather Map by Intellicast

One of the best sources for weather maps and setllite imagery.

Welcome to WeatherOffice

Another general weather site.

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