Draft Policy Feedback
Outdoor Play Spaces

Public consultation on this draft policy is now open. Feedback will be received until October 12, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. EST . 

The policy and procedures for 307 Outdoor Play Spaces have been revised to respond to the increasing practice of creating more naturalized playscapes on school yards, and the need to clarify the various levels of responsibility associated with playground construction, maintenance, and the daily operations of outdoor play spaces.

This policy is important to staff, students, school councils, parents and community members because outdoor play spaces at UGDSB schools are used for play and learning during the school day, and after hours by the community. It is important that everyone contributes to the maintenance of these outdoor play spaces to ensure the safety of all users.

The public consultation period for this policy will run over the summer months into October in order to capture the first School Council meetings.

Draft Policies and Procedures


Public consultation on this draft policy is now open. 

Click on the survey link to provide your feedback. Survey Feedback for Policy 307.