The Upper Grand District School Board has ten elected trustee members who represent the municipalities within the counties of Dufferin and Wellington. Two non-elected student trustees are appointed for one-year terms. Learn more about being a trustee.

Board Trustees (2014 - 2018)

Mark BaileyMark Bailey, Chairperson
Mailing Address: 65 Forbes Avenue, Guelph, ON N1G 1G5
Phone: 519-822-4420x735 (office), Cell 519-731-1913
Electoral area: City of Guelph (Wards 1 and 5)
School Liaison for: Centennial CVI, Fred A. Hamilton PS, John McCrae PS, Ottawa Crescent PS, William C. Winegard PS
Marty FairbairnMarty Fairbairn, Vice-Chair
Mailing Address: 53 Ptarmigan Drive, Guelph, ON N1C 1B4
Phone: 519-824-1703
Electoral area: City of Guelph Guelph (Ward 6) and Township of Puslinch
School Liaison for: Aberfoyle PS, École Arbour Vista PS, Centennial CVI, Kortright Hills PS, Rickson Ridge PS, Sir Isaac Brock PS, Westminster Woods PS, Wellington Centre for Continuing Education
Linda Busuttil Linda Busuttil
Mailing Address: 10 Sharon Place, Guelph, ON N1H 7V2
Phone: 519-837-9592
Electoral area: City of Guelph (Wards 2, 3 and 4)
School Liaison for: Central PS, College Heights SS, Gateway Drive PS, John McCrae PS, June Avenue PS, Taylor Evans PS, Victory PS, Willow Road PS
Kathryn Cooper Kathryn Cooper
Mailing Address:
9121 17th Side Road, Hillsburgh, ON N0B 1Z0
Phone: 519-855-9491, Cell 905-586-0254
Electoral area: Township of Guelph/Eramosa, Township of East Garafraxa and Town of Erin
School Liaison for:  Brisbane PS, Centre Wellington DHS, East Garafraxa PS, Eramosa PS, Erin DHS, Erin PS, École Harris Mill PS, Rockwood Centennial PS, Ross R. MacKay PS
Barbara Lustgarten-EvoyBarbara Lustgarten-Evoy
Mailing Address: 250 Garafraxa St. E., Fergus, ON N1M 1E1
Phone: 519-780-7288
Electoral area: Township of Centre Wellington
School Liaison for: Centre Wellington DHS, Elora PS, James McQueen PS, J.D. Hogarth PS, John Black PS, Ponsonby PS, Salem PS, Victoria Terrace PS
Martha MacNeil Martha MacNeil
Mailing Address: 19 George St., Guelph, ON N1H 1S5
Phone: 519-830-2139
Electoral area: City of Guelph (Wards 1 and 5)
School Liaison for: Guelph CVI, Jean Little PS, John Galt PS, École King George PS, Ken Danby PS, Priory Park PS
Susan MoziarSusan Moziar
Mailing Address: 27 Sherwood Dr., Guelph, ON N1E 6E6
Phone: 519-837-3742
Electoral area: City of Guelph (Wards 2, 3 and 4)
School Liaison for: Brant Avenue PS, Edward Johnson PS, John F. Ross CVI, Mitchell Woods PS, Paisley Road PS, Waverley Drive PS, Westwood PS
Bruce SchieckBruce Schieck
Mailing Address: R. R. #2, Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0
Phone: 519-638-2590, Cell 519-831-1137
Electoral area: Township of Wellington North, Town of Minto and Township of Mapleton
School Liaison for: Alma PS, Arthur PS, Centre Peel PS, Drayton Heights PS, Kenilworth PS, Maryborough PS, Minto-Clifford PS, Norwell DSS, Palmerston PS, Victoria Cross PS, Wellington Heights SS
Lynn Topping Lynn Topping
Mailing Address: 152 Muriel St. Shelburne, ON L0N 1S1
Phone: 519-925-2819, Cell 519-939-0332
Electoral area: Townships of Amaranth, East Luther/Grand Valley, Melancthon, Mulmur, and Towns of Mono and Shelburne
School Liaison for: Centennial Hylands ES, Centre Dufferin DHS, Glenbrook ES, Grand Valley and District PS, Hyland Heights ES, Laurelwoods ES, Mono-Amaranth PS, Primrose ES
Barbara White Barb White
Mailing Address: 323 Lewis Dr., Orangeville, ON L9W 4M3
Phone: 519-939-6048
Electoral area: Town of Orangeville
School Liaison for: Credit Meadows ES, Dufferin Centre for Continuing Education, Island Lake PS, Montgomery Village PS, Parkinson Centennial PS, Princess Elizabeth PS, Princess Margaret PS, Orangeville DSS, Spencer Avenue ES, Westside SS
Julia Gagnon, Student Trustee (Rural Schools)
Student at Erin District High School
Hajra Hazzad, Student Trustee (Urban Schools)
Student at Guelph CVI

Board Committees - December 2016 to November 2017

Chair of the Board: Bailey
Vice-Chair: Fairbairn

  • Audit: Fairbairn, MacNeil, Topping (2014-2018); non-trustee appointments: Bruce Robinson, Steve Routenberg (2013-2016)
  • Budget: All trustees
  • Business Operations: Schieck (chair), MacNeil (vice-chair), all trustees
  • Joint: All trustees (2014-2018)  
  • Joint Health and Safety: MacNeil
  • Program: Moziar (chair), White (vice-chair), all trustees
  • Special Education Advisory: MacNeil, Lustgarten-Evoy (until 2018)
  • Supervised Alternative Learning: Topping (Orangeville), Moziar (Guelph), Schieck (North). Alternates: White (Orangeville), Fairbairn (Guelph), Lustgarten-Evoy (North)


  • Accessibility Steering: Bailey, Cooper  
  • Budget Liaison: Fairbairn, Schieck, MacNeil, Moziar
  • Chairs: Bailey, Fairbairn, Moziar, White, Schieck, MacNeil
  • Eligibility Principal / Vice-principal List Selection: Lustgarten-Evoy (secondary principals), MacNeil (secondary vice-principals), Topping (elementary principals), White (elementary vice-principals). Alternates: Cooper, Fairbairn
  • Negotiations Steering: Bailey, Busuttil, Moziar, Fairbairn, Schieck (2014-2018)
  • Parent Involvement: MacNeil. Alternates: White (Dufferin), Bailey (Wellington)
  • Policy Management: MacNeil (chair), Bailey, Cooper, Fairbairn, White


  • CENTRE 2000 Management Board: Cooper
  • Communications: Bailey, Lustgarten-Evoy, White
  • Environmental Education and Management: Bailey, Cooper
  • French as a Second Language Advisory Review: Cooper, Fairbairn, Topping (June 2016 to June 2018)
  • Learning Choices: Fairbairn, Lustgarten-Evoy, Topping
  • Municipal Liaison - Guelph: Bailey, Busuttil, Fairbairn, MacNeil, Moziar
  • Municipal Liaison - Dufferin County: Topping, White
  • Municipal Liaison - Wellington County: Cooper, Lustgarten-Evoy, Schieck
  • Property: Busuttil, MacNeil, Moziar (2014-2018)
  • Safe, Equitable & Inclusive Schools: Bailey, MacNeil
  • Secondary French Review: Cooper, Fairbairn, MacNeil, Moziar, White (2016 to June 2017)
  • Strategic Planning: Busuttil, Fairbairn, MacNeil, Moziar
  • Student Discipline: Cooper, Fairbairn, Moziar, Schieck, Topping


  • Arthur Chamber of Commerce: Schieck
  • Career Education Council: Bailey, MacNeil
  • Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce: Lustgarten-Evoy
  • Erin Multi-Use Management Committee: Gail Baldwin
  • Guelph Chamber of Commerce Education Committee: Fairbairn
  • Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce: Topping
  • Art Gallery of Guelph Board: Bailey, MacNeil, Moziar
  • Ontario Public School Boards' Association: Fairbairn (Director and Voting Delegate). Alternate: Lustgarten-Evoy
  • School Safety Patrol Review Committee: Busuttil; Student Trustees Gagnon and Hazzad
  • United Way: MacNeil
  • Upper Grand Learning Foundation: Cooper, Topping

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