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UPDATE: Upper Grand's French Review

At the January board meeting, trustees approved a number of recommendations from the report presented by the French Review Committee. Additional recommendations, including all recommendations regarding program enrolment were deferred to the May board meeting. Trustees also directed staff to organize four public information sessions on the UGDSB French Review. For more information, please visit the board website.

Sir Isaac Brock News

February Newsletter 2016

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The February Newsletter is now online for you to read. Information about Kindergarten Registration, Sports Teams, the upcoming Parent Dance and much more is included. Thanks for taking the time to read about what is happening at Sir Isaac Brock.

Parent Council Meeting

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Please join us on February 16th at 6:45 in the Library for school council.

Kiss & Drive Reminders

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Thank you to the many families who have been following the Kiss and Drive procedures.  If you need to accompany your child into the school, please park on one of the many available side streets and carefully cross onto the school grounds at the cross walk where the crossing guards are located.  For all other kiss and drive families, valet service will be provided by our very dedicated staff and student patrols!

We ask that vehicles do not try to enter the school grounds to park in the front of the school or in the parking lot during drop off and pick up times. (If there are special circumstances please speak to Ms. Skerritt or Mrs. Soule.)

It is important that you arrive ahead of the bell, which rings at 8:50, so that our staff on duty and student safety patrols can get to class on time. Being on time is a great way to help our students learn responsibility.

Please remember that our student safety patrols are trying their best to make sure all our SIB students are safe. We thank them for their hard work.


Thanks again for your efforts to keep all our children safe!

Happy New Year

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Welcome back to 2016 everyone!  We hope everybody had an excellent holiday. The January Newsletter is now posted online. Thanks for taking the time to read it over.

Chapters Fundraising Tonight!

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Hoping to see lots of families out shopping tonight from 5-9 at Chapters on Stone Road.

December Newsletter Now Online!

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Please take a moment to read our December newsletter. Highlights include information on Pajama Day and the schedule for our holiday assemblies.

How to support children when tragic events happen in the world.

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Last week, terrible events transpired in Beirut and Paris that shocked many. We are saddened by the tragedies and our thoughts are with all those affected. 

Although events like this are rare, they can have an impact on each of us—our children, staff, families and friends. We all respond to situations like this in different ways. Some feel sadness or grief. Some feel anger or a sense of helplessness and anxiety. Whatever we feel is okay, and we want families to know support is available to help you and your children in these situations.  

The tips below may help you support your children following tragic world events:

Recognize that children may become concerned that something bad will happen to themselves, family or friends. Explain that safety measures are in place and reassure them that you and other adults will take care of them.  If your child is not focused on the tragedy, don’t dwell on it. Try to avoid having detailed adult conversations regarding the tragedy in front of children. However, be available to answer questions to the best of your ability. Young children may not be able to express themselves verbally. Pay attention to changes in their behaviour or social interactions. Limit exposure to media coverage. Images of a disaster or crisis can become overwhelming, especially if watched repetitively. Young children in particular may not be able to distinguish between images on television and their personal reality. Older children may choose to watch the news—be available to discuss what they see and to help put it into perspective.  

Maintain normal family routines as much as possible. Routine family activities, classes and friends can help children feel more secure. Be aware of your own needs. Don’t ignore your own feelings of anxiety, grief and anger. Talking to friends, family members, faith leaders and mental health counsellors can help. Let your children know you are sad. You will be better able to support them if you can express your own emotions in a productive manner.  

The safety and well-being of our students and staff remains our top priority. If you feel your child needs additional support, services are available within school. To access these services, please contact your principal or vice-principal.     

Thank you,  Ms. Skerritt and Mrs. Soule

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