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November 2014 Newsletter

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The November newsletter is now posted online. (Newsletter tab on the right hand side.) There are some exciting events coming up in November be sure to check out the newsletter for more information.

October Newsletter Now Online

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The October newsletter is now posted in the Newsletter section. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read the newsletter.

Terry Fox Walk

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Today students of all ages walked together through the neighbourhood in support of cancer research. Our grade 4/5 class led by Mrs. Hersey inspired us and taught us that "We are Terry Fox". Through a rap, video and cheers the 4/5 class helped the rest of the SIB students understand the purpose behind our walk. A great job was done by all. Thank you to all who came to walk with us, cheered us along our route and donated to cancer research. Well done Knights!

Safe Arrival and Departure Procedures at Sir Isaac Brock P.S.

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[Access Document Here (PDF)]

Peanut Alert!

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We have several students in the school at a variety of grade levels who have severe allergies to peanut and/or nut products. For these students, contact with peanuts/nuts can be life threatening. A nut allergy is difficult to control, because it can be transmitted by a child with just a trace of peanut oil on his or her hands touching a desk or drinking fountain with which the allergic child comes in contact. Thank you for your help in keeping our children healthy and safe, by not sending peanut products to school.


PLEASE NOTE: Alternative Soy Products, which are designed to look, smell and taste like peanut butter are thought to create safety concerns for those with nut allergies and are also to be avoided. 

September Newsletter!

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Please check the link on the left menu bar for the September newsletter. 


Adendum to June Newsletter

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[Read the Adendum to SIB June Newsletter (PDF)]

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