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April 2014

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April newsletter and calendar are "springing" with activities. 

"Unlike a fountain that circulates the same water in an enclosed, perpetually recycling system, a human being circulates thoughts in an unlimited reservoir of self.  Don't limit yourself to being a mere fountain when you contain an ocean." --Vera Nazarian

March 2014

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"Spring is when life's alive in everything" --Christina Rossetti

Let's hope we can all see a little spring soon!  See the March newsletter and calendar for our spring news!

February 2014

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See the February calendar and newsletter for various activities around the school this month.

January 2014

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Happy New Year and welcome back.  Please read the newsletter and calendar for many activities in and out of the school.

December 2013

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 The December newsletter and calendar have arrived.  Please remember to dress for the winter weather - snowpants, boots, hats and mitts.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. – Henry Ford 


November 2013

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See the newsletter and calendar for a very busy Island Lake PS during November.

“I can’t do it” never yet accomplished anything; “I will try” has performed wonders. – George P. Burnham 


New: Threat/Risk Assessment Notification

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The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to providing safe learning environments for all students, staff, school visitors and community members. When a student behaves inappropriately, principals use progressive discipline to help a student take responsibility for their actions, change their behaviour, and learn from their mistakes.

When students' behaviour pose a potential threat to safety or serious harm, the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol (VTRA) helps principals take further steps to protect students' well-being.

[ Read the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol (VTRA) (PDF) ]